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R18+ Games – I told you so

R18+ Games – I told you so

A little over eighteen months ago I predicted that an R18+ rating for video games would be introduced.  Well, now it’s happened, at least in principle.  For the reasons I covered in my prediction, an R18+ scheme is a necessary prerequisite to having a (comparatively) broad based Internet censorship regime.


Copyright Policy Fail

Copyright Policy Fail

[current at July 11]:


Price of Microsoft Windows 7 Premium (not upgrade version): $289.

Price of entry level PC, including an 18.5″ monitor with a copy of Microsoft Windows 7 Premium pre-loaded: $399


Restoring UC Berkeley Podcasts – Help wanted

At the start of July a repository of university podcasts from UC Berkeley disappeared from the Internet.  This was the best repository of lectures I was able to find anywhere on the Internet.  Some have been lost forever, some have gone to iTunes (= may as well be lost forever) and some to Youtube.   Since iTunes discriminates against Android users I’ve started a repository item called UCBerkeleyLectures on and am beginning to upload the audio that I have there.  At the moment there is only one course uploaded (because of trouble parsing metadata), but I have audio from a couple of dozen.

If you have audio from other courses and would like to help please let me know.

LulzSec Grammar Fail

LulzSec Grammar Fail

“Media moguls body discovered” [sic]

LulzSec and Anonymous seem to have gone nuts.  Do they predate the Wikileaks episode last year?  Were they created by it?  Anyone know?

Hmmm… wikipedia says LulzSec formed in June 2011.  And of Anonymous it says  2003 via 4Chan, achieving notoriety in 2008.  However, based on the Wikipedia article the number of Anonymous attacks has increased sharply in 2011.

Anyway, the reason I ask is that I think this seems to be a backlash against corporatism, and seems to have been triggered by the US Government’s reaction to wikileaks in late 2010.  Discuss.

Three Strikes LobbyNomics in NZ

Three Strikes LobbyNomics in NZ

ZeroPaid is reporting that the NZ three strikes law was the result of the US pressure.  There was a time when NZ was able to stand up to the US.  Now everyone is spineless.

Apparently there’s no such thing as CC BY-NC-ND

Apparently there’s no such thing as CC BY-NC-ND.  Following the link indicates that without a version number, there is no licence…(?)

In a Primitive Galaxy Far Far Away (Part 2)

In a Primitive Galaxy Far Far Away (Part 2)

How is it that the Trade Federation is able to send messages across hyperspace instantaneously but rather than inventing some form of ad hoc radio comms system they program their battle droids to communicate by speaking English (!!)  Seems pretty inefficient to me.  Thus, at the Battle of Rishi Moon, the only reason CC-7567 is able to gain entry to the base is because he can say “Roger Roger” while swinging around the head of a commando droid.  Surely the droids would be aware that one of their number had been lost from the mesh?

While I’m at it, why would you build a command station for a battle droid army in a way which had no redundancy (Episode I)?  I can’t imagine any modern army (public or private) having such a single point of failure.

For corporate hot shots the Trade Federation strike me as being a bit short on the basics.  Perhaps they were duped by the Sith?

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