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Wow! RS Components +1

Wow! RS Components +1

A while ago the hinge on our DS Lite broke, so i swapped over another case.  However, during reassembly I managed to break “EM10”.  I tried to order one of these from overseas (since they identified it as an EM10 rather than as a 600 MOhm common choke, which is what it apparently is).  That money just went into the ether many months ago, never to be seen again.  Yesterday I remembered that the DS Lite was still broke so began a more intensive web search, discovering the identity of the broken component. I found another overseas site, but they only accepted paypal <sigh>

I decided to see if I could find something closer to home, knowing now what the component was.  I found RS Components.  They have the chokes – and they offer free shipping in AU(!)  I ordered a new choke, and a couple of other things (flip flops – I want to do demonstrate some basic computer memory circuits) at about 19:30 last night.  They have just arrived on my doorstep – by courier (!) – at 14:00 today.  Wow! I’m impressed: +1 to RS Components.

Try My Gift List Manager for Android

Try My Gift List Manager for Android

If you have an Android phone and are looking for something to help you manage the process of getting gift ideas, through to deciding on what to get, through buying them and managing your budget, take a look at my Xmas List Manager application for android:

My xmas list application comes with tons of features:

* multiple gift lists – have one for friends, one for family, one for neighbors

* budgets per list

* track bought vs confirmed gifts, separate subtotal for “good idea” entries

* take photos of your gift ideas

* show gift ideas per recipient

* export your ideas by email, tab delimited so you can cut and paste into a spreadsheet

* progress bars show how many confirmed gifts are left to buy – readout for the whole list and per person

* days to go readout (argh!)

The app is free (as in no ads, no premium version to buy) but if you like it, please give it a good review!

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