New Book – Python for Kids for Dummies

You may or may not know that I’ve been moonlighting with Python for a number of years now.  This year I have written a new book Python for Kids for Dummies and, as of this week, it’s available from Amazon:

When I was engaged to do the book it was only going to be released in the US. I’ve recently learnt that it will be available in Australia (and elsewhere I guess) as well.

It is set to be available in Australia in a week or two (as at 11 Sept) from places like:



Angus and Robertson

Robinsons (Melbourne)

QBD (Hello Banana Benders!)

and Dymocks (or so I’m told, but it’s not on their website. I’ve always found Dymocks’ website difficult) – update saw a copy in Dymocks today (20 Sept 2015)


2 Responses to “New Book – Python for Kids for Dummies”

  1. 1 Marc Vandermarlière 6 May 2017 at 7:50 pm

    Given that I like to make classic sudokus, my brother-in-law who is English, regularly sends to me sudokus “Killer”. The rules of Sudoku apply (9×9 grid, with digits from 1 to 9 in each row, column or zone) but instead of giving digits in some boxes, the Killer grid defines in addition “shapes”, composed of several boxes as well as the total of the digits in each “form”. And there cannot be twice the same number in a “form”.
    I managed to find a solution to Sudoku with Excel. But I did not get there for the Killer.
    In searching on the internet I saw that the language “Python” allows to treat the algorithms. So I initiated myself to Python with your book: “Programming with Python having fun – For dummies”.
    It seems to me that this language should make it possible to solve the Killers but I did not succed.
    Would you be willing to help me develop such a program?
    If so, I could send you by email, examples of Killer grids as well as some principles that allow me to solve the simplest grids manually.
    Thanks in advance.

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