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UK Cabinet Office releases Open Standards Principles

UK Cabinet Office releases Open Standards Principles

Following on from the earlier standards consultation process, the UK Government has now released open standards principles.  I have had a quick flick through and am still coming to terms with them.  On the plus side they say all the right things, and they seem to have rejected RAND/FRAND/RANDZ etc licensing requirements in their definition of a standard – “royalty free basis that is compatible with both open source and proprietary licensed solutions.  These rights should be irrevocable unless there is a breach of licence conditions.” which is good.

For my views on open standards in Government see the paper I prepared for Linux Australia.

Australian Government and Open Data: They just don’t get it

Australian Government and Open Data: They just don’t get it

Having a look through the AusGOAL site – you know, AusGOAL, the Australian Governments Open Access and Licensing Framework’–  to see what Australian Government is doing in the area.  Did you know that they have a video explaining open data and why it’s so important?

The video is here:

Guess what?

It doesn’t comply with their own guidelines.  When I go to that page I get a black box where the video should be, along with a message:

This video can’t be played with your current setup.
Please switch to a browser that provides native H.264 support or install Adobe Flash Player

Errr… here’s a video telling you how great open formats are but the video is in a closed format?? It’s not at all comforting to know that the very people charged with enabling open formats are using a closed format for their videos. There’s no reason H.264 video can’t be transcoded into an open format and offered (even offered as an alternative).

Knock me down with a feather!


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