MegaUpload: Some IP is more equal than others

MegaUpload: Some IP is more equal than others

Last week, the FBI raided and shut down MegaUpload, a site which allowed people to share their files.  Apparently, no one has so far bothered to think of the millions of users of MegaUpload whose data is now inaccessible on the MegaUpload servers.  Moreover, MegaUpload’s funds have been frozen, so it can’t pay to continue to house the data that has been uploaded to it.   Apparently it will start getting deleted later this week.

Imagine a scenario where the Feds raid a warehouse, which is alleged to hold stolen property belonging to some media magnate.  No one disputes that the warehouse also holds other people’s property.  The Feds seize the building and ask what should be done with it.  “Raze it, destroy it all” – so they do, everything, including the property of innocent third parties.

In those circumstances, could anyone seriously argue that the Feds were standing up for “property” in the abstract?  Similarly here, how can an issue of principle be argued when the copyright works of so many innocent people have been sacrificed – now by lack of access, later by destruction?


2 Responses to “MegaUpload: Some IP is more equal than others”

  1. 1 sswam 7 February 2012 at 12:37 pm

    Interesting, however I doubt much original content would be lost!

    Who in their right mind would keep the only copy of an original work or business document on a very shady file sharing service like megaupload?

    Always keep backups! If that file sharing service was essential to your business, then use a backup file sharing service too. The pirates do that.

  2. 2 brendanscott 14 February 2012 at 12:07 pm

    According to the FBI Indictment, undownloaded content is deleted after a set period. If you are a premium user, I think you get to keep the content. So who knows if the servers will delete the content automatically anyway (eg if they are needed to access the data)?

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