Vote STORACUTA – Stop Taking Our Rights And Calling Us Thieves Act

Stop Taking Our Rights And Calling Us Thieves Act


There are manifold problems with the way the legalization of monopolies operates around the world.  One of those problems is the continual pushing of extremist positions on legal monopolies, in order for a not quite as extreme “compromise” position to be reached, which is just pushed further out in the next round of lobbying.  Instead of just opposing the SOPA, it would be more appropriate to propose alternative legislation as a counter balance to attempt to achieve a moderate position.

Provisions which could be included might be:

* express limitation of damages in monopoly infringement cases to damages actually incurred, abolition of presumed or statutory damages – per Tim O’Reilly (and many others, but Mr O’Reilly has been noteworthy recently);

* repeal of any provision which enables geographical market segmentation;

* prohibition on the use of monopolies to restrict speech;

* repeal of any provision which enables aftermarket control of goods – eg rental rights and DRM;

* an offence for a public official to call the infringement of any monopoly “theft”

* prohibition on claiming lack of sale as losses

* express application of anti-trust law to the exercise of any monopoly?

Ideas?  What would you like to see included in STORACUTA?


Tim OReilly, is The Man, by the way.   A few years ago I figured I wanted to learn Python.  I googled around for what resources were out there and, in the course of so doing, I stumbled across “free” downloads of some of the O’Reilly Python books.  I didn’t actually use the “free” versions – I bought them from O’Reilly anyway, largely because O’Reilly e-books were DRM free. Strangely, buying those first ebooks from O’Reilly was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  I have since almost gone out of my way to buy stuff from them (Algorithms in a Nutshell? WtH?), this, despite being aware I could probably pick up a “free” copy somewhere.


2 Responses to “Vote STORACUTA – Stop Taking Our Rights And Calling Us Thieves Act”

  1. 1 thenakedlistener 19 January 2012 at 3:31 pm

    This is brilliant. I need to post a linkback to your article here.

  1. 1 Counterbalancing the SOPA/PIPA « The Naked Listener's Weblog Trackback on 19 January 2012 at 3:45 pm

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