SOPA Stupidity

I have long felt that the copyright industry are their own worst enemy, at least in relation to litigation.  Instead of treating with Napster to find some accommodation, they destroyed it.  What happened as a result? Decentralised peer to peer, that’s what. Instead of having hubs as in Napster that they might negotiate with, they eliminated that point of control from the system.  Ditto subsequent litigation.  Each time they have eliminated options for themselves to be able to negotiate terms with an aggregator.  This is probably why they are so keen to make ISPs liable for their customer’s infringements.  Of course whatever ISPs do, customers will route around that as well.

At every stage, the industry has simply evolved a better infringer.  SOPA, should it be passed, will be no different.  Other countries or private ventures will set up their own DNS to route around those controlled by the US.


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