Nick Sherry predicts end of AU Bookstores

Nick Sherry predicts end of AU Bookstores

From SMH:

Booksellers’ jaws dropped today upon hearing that federal Minister for Small Business Nick Sherry had predicted that online shopping would wipe out general bookstores within five years.

Of course, they might have some chance of surviving if the Government hadn’t been cowed by the copyright faction on parallel imports.   Unless you can’t wait for shipping, you would have to have something wrong in the head to buy from an Australian bookstore.

1 Response to “Nick Sherry predicts end of AU Bookstores”

  1. 1 Tim O'Leary 14 June 2011 at 10:56 pm

    It only takes around 5 days for a book to arrive here on my doorstep – not at Post Office – from UK Book Depository and at almost half price.

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