Ridiculously Expensive Asus Transformer in JB HiFi

Ridiculously Expensive Asus Transformer in JB HiFi

Note: prices etc here are as at 2 June 2011.

Have actually handled an Asus Transformer (sans dock – the assistant had no idea about them) in my local JB HiFi.  Given that ASUS seems to be ripping Australian consumers off blind I won’t be buying for the time being:

Amazon price: USD449.99 (AUD Equivalent price at AUD = USD1.05 = $428.56)

JB Hifi price: AUD596  (ridiculously – roughly 40% – more expensive) (@28 July this has come down to AUD498 for the 16GB model)

update 6/6: B&H advertise the 16GB model in their catalogue for US$399, making the AU price even more ridiculous, but website says it’s not in stock yet.

Update 20 November: Officeworks has a 32GB transformer at roughly price parity to the US: $563 including the dock.  Current USD price for that model plus dock (at B&H) is about $532.

Let’s not forget that the AUD is worth 5%+ more than the USD and has been for some time (and Sydney is a shorter trip from Taiwan/Beijing).

Compare the iPad 2

Amazon price: USD569 (equivalent to AUD541)

JB HiFi price: AUD557 (roughly comparable – about 3% more expensive)

Lift your (cotton rich) socks Asus…

Everyone else: Hopshopgo?

1 Response to “Ridiculously Expensive Asus Transformer in JB HiFi”

  1. 1 Taleim 28 July 2011 at 10:22 am

    NZ is way worse. NZ 800 here, so you guys are still comparitively getting a good deal.
    Amazon are shipping now to NZ, but when including the import taxes etc it’s about the same price as JB hifi australia have them. $600 NZD is still a very good deal for a great tablet.

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