Update to AutoDBAdapter for Android Developers

Update to AutoDBAdapter for Android Developers

Trouble with your database code or databasehelper in android?

As I mentioned earlier, I have written a web application which automatically creates a database adapter code in java for your Android application based on a text description of the database schema.   This grew beyond its initial intentions and now spits out java code for a fair bit of stuff.

I have recently updated it.  Version 1.2 gets rid of some annoying bugs (like fields being wrongly declared – oops!),  adds code to allow each table to be automatically initialised from an array in the R.id.arrays, also has code to easily nuke and re-initialise the db (don’t use in production!).

If you’re looking for ready-made DBAdapter  java code which is tailored to your database schema or a java database adapter example please give autoDBAdapter a try.


1 Response to “Update to AutoDBAdapter for Android Developers”

  1. 1 Android Developers 21 June 2013 at 4:50 pm

    I am learning Android Application Development and it is very important to choose the right path. It helped me alot thank you for this wonderful sharing.

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