Ben Grubb Transcript of Interview

Fascinating transcript of police interview with Ben Grubb available on SMH:

BG: I need to go back to work tomorrow and this is my iPad. I don’t want to do that.

EC: Ok. Well. I am now going to tell you that you are now under arrest. OK? In relation to receiving unlawfully obtained property. Ok? And we are now seizing your iPad. So if you could please hand your iPad over to us.

BG: Now before I do that, lawyers all of that, I would like to seek legal advice before you do what you say you are doing. Because I feel that I am now being unfairly treated.

EC: Now I will tell you I have placed you under arrest. You are physically under arrest now. You are not free to leave now. I will allow you to make a phone call however before you do that I will ask you to put the iPad on the desk and not touch it and we will not touch it while you make a phone call but we are going to remain present here. OK?

BG: Yep.

EC: I expect the lawyers will want to speak to us.

Break in recording while BG made contact with his employer and lawyers. Lawyers and employer held phone conversation with police.

[my emphasis, different from the transcript]

The emphasised part is my guess as to when the arrest occurs, apparently for the purpose of obtaining the iPad. Earlier parts of the transcript the officer is talking in a weird present future tense “I am now going to tell you”
It’s long and I started skimming half way through, but the police seem to be polite and rational, acting in response to a third party complaint.  They explain what they’re doing at each turn.  There’s not a lot here to criticise them for – perhaps a criminal lawyer might be able to be more critical?
Later in the transcript Mr Grubb is released from being under arrest.

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