Movie Studios are Evil

Movie Studios are Evil

Our littlest son is in tears now over a DVD.

Not having a TV, we don’t buy a lot of DVDs.  However, we do accumulate them through presents (most of which sit unopened on a shelf).  When desperate we can play a DVD on the computer.  Our relatives, not being able to bear the thought of our house being without videos, buy us portable DVD players from time to time.  These work until they’ve been dropped once too often.

We received one recently.  We can’t play one of my son’s DVDs on it now because the DVD is blocked by the player’s region coding.  It would be trivial, if a little time consuming, to rip the thing and reburn it, but part of not having a TV is wanting not to spend my time doing stuff like that (so I don’t).

Region coding has nothing to do with preventing infringement.  It is all about prohibiting the playing of legitimately purchased content. And breaking kids’ hearts.

So, there you have it, they’re evil.

As an aside, I was trying to think of some way of expressing my outrage in the title to this post.  However, I soon realised that popular opinion of them is so poor that it is not possible to demonise the studios in the popular psyche, so I just stated the obvious.


1 Response to “Movie Studios are Evil”

  1. 1 Steven 15 April 2011 at 8:35 pm

    Evil and quite frankly stupid. In an age where online delivery is the key where are the Australian equivalents to Hulu? sure keep the DVD’s region locked that will really stop piracy…. Im willing to pay for a decent service but doubt we will see anything decent anytime soon.

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