Is Life Meaningful? Recent Spookiness

Is Life Meaningful?  Recent Spookiness

About five years ago, one of my children struck up a friendship with another child.  As a result, for several years now we have been friends with the parents.  It turns out our kids are in the same class this year, with a teacher described by the students as “mean Mrs Thompson”.

We were having a chat with them yesterday and they made a comment that they had a grumpy teacher in grade five called Mr Lane.  I said I did too.  How odd we said.  In the next few minutes we discovered that, not only did we go to the same school at the same time (they were a couple of years ahead of me) but that my parents had sold our house in Brisbane to their parents over 30 years ago – and they had slept in the same room as me (incidentally, they also followed a similar trajectory to me arriving in Sydney from Brisbane via Canberra).

Well, that, in my books, is definitely spooky.  At the very least it seems an amazing coincidence (esp. given that the vector for our meeting was our children).  It is extremely tempting to look for meaning in it.  But what?


1 Response to “Is Life Meaningful? Recent Spookiness”

  1. 1 Sajen Legal 8 March 2011 at 2:04 am

    Life is unpredictable and is full of surprises, coincidences and quirkiness

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