The Mandarin Tree Massacre

The Mandarin Tree Massacre

My mandarin tree (actually, I just learned it’s a mandarin orange tree) is plagued throughout the year by bronze orange bugs (aka stink bugs).  These little fellows kill new shoots and young fruit.  They hide up the top of the tree so are difficult to get to (even after we lopped the highest limbs).  Well, they appear to have one weakness – hot days like today.  In some parts of Sydney it pushed 42 degrees today, with a very hot wind.  Where I am reached 39, and maybe 40.

The bugs, to get away from the heat congregate at the bottom of the tree trunk. So they did today and when I saw them there I got rid of the whole infestation in a few moments of brutality (easiest is to put some gardening gloves on and squish them, letting them squirt the gloves – the smell fades over a week or so).   Must remember this in the future.


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