Stupid SMH

Stupid SMH

It is that time of the year again, when I ask how much value I’ve received from my SMH subscription over the past year and, on comparing to what I paid for it, find it wanting.  Every week I read it and think “well that had no information in it/that has no impact on my life, why did I waste my time reading that?” (the reason is because it is there at the table.  What I should, and sometimes do, do is print an article out from the web first).

Moreover, they have recently shifted the format of their additional sections to be wholly tabloid.  Maybe I’m just being an old fogey, but I hate it, particularly the overbusy colourful design and the oft-times content free infographics.  This is on top of the typos that now dot the paper following their decision to get rid of copy editors.

The problem with newspapers (and, frankly, more and more of society) is that they think they are entertainment then wonder why no one buys them for news.

Unfortunately the subscription is not wholly my decision so I may spend yet another year wondering why I waste my time reading it.


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