Three strikes starts in Ireland

Three strikes starts in Ireland

News in that EIRCOM, an ISP in Ireland will begin disconnecting people who are accused of copyright infringement multiple times.   I can’t say I’d want to be EIRCOM.  Whoever they start sending letters to will probably move to another ISP who isn’t sending out nasty letters. Given the choice, you’d probably prefer not to join EIRCOM.  In the long run the idea will be to get all the ISPs doing it, but EIRCOM will take the hit in the meantime.  Equally, users will probably migrate from contracts to monthly plans so they can switch easily.  Are there enough ISPs in Ireland for users to do a round robin?

Whenever ‘the industry’ does things like this I just see them evolving a better infringer – like the evolution of Napster when you couldn’t static host and then the evolution of decentralised peer to peer after Napster.  People will start encrypting their sessions or doing something different.  I can’t see the benefit if they boot people off the net either.  They’ll just make it more of a political issue and make infringers become habituated to swapping off net (you can fit a lot of mp3 onto a 16GB micro SD…).  If they do, any ability to track them will go as well.


1 Response to “Three strikes starts in Ireland”

  1. 1 thenakedlistener 26 May 2010 at 3:29 am

    I should imagine the long run is to force the ISPs out of business so that the government(s) become the ISP for the masses. Sooner or later, we’re all going to have MiniTalk (Ministry of Communications) running the show. Mark my words.

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