Python packaging and adding menu entries

Python packaging and adding menu entries

Well, I am now unofficially an open source programmer.  Having decided to add a hint function to a “GPL v2 or later” python/pygame game called Jools I discovered I had to rewrite much of the game logic simply to understand it.  One thing led to another and I’ve learnt some pygame and forked Jools, changing the object of the game and added some new graphics.  The new version has been released as a “GPL v3 or later” game called Symbology.  It is sort of like bejeweled skinned for maths geeks.

Now is where I get to struggle with the packaging of python programs.  Apparently Nobody Expects Python Packaging.  It certainly seems convoluted and I fear that now that I’ve finished the program I will need to re-engineer it to be able to access the data files which seem like they will end up somewhere I don’t want them (or bounded in a nutshell/zip file) if I use setuptools or distutils.

Another problem I face is how to create a download which will automatically install menu entries in relevant service menus (eg for KDE, GNOME and/or win).  At the moment, the install is just a not very smart gzipped tarball.


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