HTC Android Desire

HTC Android Desire

Telstra cold called me.  My existing contract has expired so I am a free agent at the moment, so I asked them what HTC Android phones they had.  Apparently the HTC Desire (=HTC Incredible with a 5 MP camera)  is available as part of one of their plans. With a 1 GHz snapdragon processor, this would be the ARM smartbook I have been waiting patiently to buy (except it would be smaller, lighter and with a rubbish keyboard).

Trouble is, it’s Telstra, who, for me have something of a reputation for price gouging, if my experience with their wireless broadband is anything to go by.

Further, I was a little concerned by a report which indicates that “android” phones store their contacts remotely in the cloud, but the Desire manual implies otherwise. [Peter comments otherwise – thanks Peter]

It also has the added benefit that HTC have annoyed Apple enough to get sued by them, so it would be for a good cause.

I wonder whether anyone else is offering the Desire? Vodafone doesn’t seem to be…Apparently exclusive to Telstra for a couple of months – see link below.

Other notes…

Manual doesn’t mention whether it supports ringer id or profiles (are these just taken for granted on today’s phones?) and, in particular, whether it has an autolock feature (which my stupid Nokia doesn’t duh) and whether profiles, if they exist, can be set to expire after a certain time.

Users can also set contact specific ringtones and choose to divert all calls from a specific contact directly to voicemail… Profile support on the HTC Desire isn’t very comprehensive, with just three profiles to choose from.

Apparently it will only be available from Telstra?, at least until after the end of the financial year:

The device, originally scheduled for release on April 27 under a deal that saw Telstra retain exclusive Australian rights to the handset for three months, was suddenly announced as being available today… HTC has confirmed that Australian retailers will now have to wait six months before they can sell the device alongside Telstra.

Plan Charge calculations

Vodafone’s call rate is $0.9/min on a $50/24 month plan, with $350 worth = 388.89 call minutes per month or 7.78 call minutes  per dollar

Telstra’s call rate is $0.8/min on a $79/24 month plan with $750 worth = 937.5 call minutes per month or 11.87 call minutes per dollar.  So perhaps Telstra aren’t such price gougers after all.

Not clear whether Telstra provides free voicemail callback -> hmmm no, it’s $0.6 per minute.


2 Responses to “HTC Android Desire”

  1. 1 Peter 13 May 2010 at 11:15 pm

    Android stores all contacts locally. But, as part of the “first boot” process, it will ask you to register with a Google account. If you do (it can be easily bypassed, to enter later or not at all), then by default Android will sync your contacts with that Google account. But again, this can very easily be disabled in the phone’s settings. Ditto the calendar app, and the phone will also sync gmail for that user as well if you permit it.

  2. 2 Moira 15 May 2010 at 12:00 am

    go on, buy one. you know you want to…

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