Foxtel Flash Fail

Foxtel Flash Fail

Another website which doesn’t want your business if you don’t have flash installed – Foxtel.  As far as I can tell, if you click on (eg) their get foxtel link you don’t get foxtel, you get a generic page with a blank box asking you to install flash (above a large list of menu items, all? of which appear to head back (by redirection) to exactly the same page).  Similarly with other links.

Tch, Losers  (I googled them then clicked their ad word by way of retribution.)

If anybody knows, what would the cheapest package which includes nickoldeon cost per month? (I want to compare it against the cost of buying the dvd box sets which they rerun continually)

update: According to Telstra the basic package includes nick and cartoon network at $42/month (ie about 2 x season boxed set of cartoons dvds per month).


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