Windows invents encryption – Oh please

Windows invents encryption – Oh please

Apparently according to the SMH:

“Queensland police fear criminals will use high-tech encryption software on Microsoft’s new Windows 7 to bury pornographic images and files deep within computer networks.” [emph (hyperlink) in original]

I won’t hyperlink this but the address is  And, by the way, the article conveniently hyperlinks the underlined section to an article on Windows 7 launching:

Clearly, lack of Windows 7 hasn’t stopped ‘criminals’ from evading police to date (as the article explains in paragraphs 2 and 3).  A Microsoft representative is quoted to the effect that bitlocker really truly is unbreakable… – but it has never hampered law enforcement… –  but it doesn’t contain a backdoor.

The ‘news’ item then ends with a paragraph outlining Windows 7’s new features (wtf???)

So, I’m inclined to call baloney on it.  Fair call?  What do you think?


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