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Progress on Cisco?

Progress on Cisco?

Not publicised yet, but apparently on 21 April  the US District Court for the Southern District of New York issued an order to dismiss the Cisco-FSF case with prejudice after a 30 day grace period (ie until 21 May).   Either party may apply in that period to restore the action.  I’m not familiar with US court practice, but would guess this means that a settlement has been or is just about to be reached.

Market Bottoming? – I doubt it

Market Bottoming? – I doubt it

Ben Bernanke thinks we’re turning a corner.  As does Goldman Sachs.  Paul Krugman, on the other hand, calls it the inventory bounce.  It’s the period after existing inventories have been run down, and production starts up again, but it doesn’t reflect a solution to the underlying problem – excess debt that needs to be retired, and in retiring it, a lot of money which would otherwise be fuelling growth isn’t.*

* Actually, it isn’t twice – or more than twice – because previously people were taking that money and then using it to incur debt (“leveraging”) and that leveraged amount has been contributing to growth.

Honest Pharma – Not!

Michael Geist reports that a pharmaceutical company paid a publisher to print marketing material as a peer reviewed journal. If true, all I’d say is that I’d expect nothing more of this industry.

Brendan’s Adventures in Amsterdam

Brendan’s Adventures in Amsterdam

Brendan Scott May, MMIX

In April I presented a short paper at the FSFE conference in Amsterdam.  A pdf of my slides from that conference is here:


Some links which might be of interest from the talk:

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IceTV decision and my short blog post on the topic

My post on copyright interoperability exceptions under Australian law

My post on ACTA and its precursor, the Australia-US FTA

Review of the National Innovation System home page

Venturous Australia report

OSIA submission to National Innovation review

My post on the Venturous report

Review of Government ICT Procurement

Gershon Review Report

OSIA Submission to review

Victorian Improving Access to Public Sector Information Inquiry

OSIA Submission to Victorian Inquiry into PSI

Microsoft submission to Victorian Inquiry into PSI (arguing for status quo in procurement policy)

DBCDE Digital Economy Consultation page

OSIA Submission to DBCDE

Waugh Partners Open Source Census

Three Strikes Hypocrisy

Three Strikes Hypocrisy

President Sarkozy of France has been pushing for the introduction of a “Three Strikes and You’re Out” law.  In summary, under this arrangement, if a person is accused of infringing copyright three times then an ISP must disconnect their internet account.  Fortunately, it seems that the EU Parliament has knocked this idea on the head.  However, before it did so his own party demonstrated its hypocrisy by using a US band’s song without permission.

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