OOo-Python Integration Annoyances

Have spent a fair bit of time fiddaddling trying to work out why I couldn’t import

Apparently it’s because I installed OOo-3 a few days ago (I can’t recall why) and OOo-3 doesn’t work with the System version of python.  Not that I can prove this.  I only have this small and ambiguous statement to go by (and my lack of success): ” I also tested it with version 3.0 of OpenOffice but it only runs if you use the version of Python that comes with OpenOffice.

That, of course, and the fact that once I rolled back OOo to 2.3.something-or-other-x64 (which, by the way, was not a pleasant experience in Yast, which uses “gentle persuasion” to move you onto the most recent version – it apparently also refuses to remember that I asked it to lock the ooo versions – grrr) Python could suddenly find the module.

Anyway now:

*  my first attempt at Python-OOo scripting works; and

* I can’t get any of the openoffice components to run [ – correction, I can,  they wouldn’t run b/c i had a headless instance of soffice running?] (remove -headless from command line to be able to edit docs while scripting) and

* I don’t have any OOo artwork/icons – in fact, some widgets (eg checkboxes) aren’t there either and the toolbars look screwy. [Update – kde integration (file dialogs were all wacky fixed by installing the openoffice-kde integration package icons  were hard to remedy – as there was nothing in yast to install to fix it.  Had to find the old themes elsewhere and copy their zip files to /usr/lib64/ooo-2.0/share/config/


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