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The Story So far

In the end I bought PDF versions of Programming Python, Learning Python and the Python Cookbook (for about AUD125 all up).  I bought pdfs because:

* shipping was v. expensive (and O’reilly was underquoting on shipping, but they offered to match the rates on the website);

* they said if I rang up I could buy the relevant book at the bundle price less the ebook price;

* cheaper

I bought Programming Python in particular because I browsed the book on the O’Reilly website and it started with a case study covering a heap of things I wanted to know.  It is the book I’ve been using the most so far.

Whether they’re ok as pdfs is an open question.  I find myself wanting to tag things – which I can’t do with the pdf (maybe I could with the other formats)? The pdfs also suffer from annoying defaults (zoom level, bookmarks, one page display) – which I can’t seem to change permanently (I have to do it each time I open them).   I may end up getting a dead tree version of Programming Python, primarily because I covet having an O’Reilly imprint on the bookshelf.

PDFs are easy to carry around on the eee if I’m on the move as well.  In theory I can save these to text and grep them, but the acroread text export is brain dead, reducing the utility of grep (if I post processed them they might be more readable, but they don’t, for example, preserve code indentation – tch!).  However limitations of grep et al are part of the reason I’m learning Python, so there’s a certain poetry to that circumstance.


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