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Just looked up for some stuff.  They have an interactive chat option.  Rather than calling you can chat online to an operator.  It’s neat, although you become acutely aware of any delay.  That said, you can do other things, rather than listen to stupid music while they put you on hold (have typed up this post while waiting for a response…).  Apparently they will email me a transcript when it’s over…

If anyone knows where I can find:

* a harness to hang a portable dvd player over the back of a car seat; and/or
[note at 14:30: JB Hifi has them at $42 ea(!)]

* a power adaptor to take my car’s 12V out to the portable dvd’s 12V in

Please let me know.

[Still waiting for Ashleigh to respond…]


2 Responses to “Online Chat at”

  1. 1 Anonymous 12 April 2011 at 2:08 pm

    Beware of Their customer service is woeful, they do not deliver on their orders, they advertise equipment on their website that they know is not availableand they do not keep the customer informed about the progress of the order. No wonder they have been reduced to one “store” and a webpage.

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