Creeps watching you in the Cinemas

Apparently there are now proposals for ushers to be paid to spy on people in cinemas

He would not name the movies, citing ongoing investigations, but said that, for a number of years, movie studios had been adding “unique forensic markers” to film prints distributed to theatres, allowing them to trace any leaks back to a specific location.

For Australia’s release, financial rewards of $200 will be provided to cinema staff for catching pirates, who will be ushered out of the cinema or referred to police, depending on the seriousness of their offence.

But Gane said the industry was not only looking for the commercial pirates who sell their illegal camcorder recordings on DVD. Even those filming short clips as a keepsake on their mobile phones would be targeted.

Is the thought of being spied on while you’re watching a movie creepy enough to just not go?  If you brought your own scope in and did this do you think you’d be arrested?


1 Response to “Creeps watching you in the Cinemas”

  1. 1 G Thompson 28 November 2008 at 7:49 pm

    Like “Security Guards” in shops and other places They had better have very good knowledge of the legal ramifications that go along with them being given the so called “authority” to remove people who have paid for a service and are being denied quiet enjoyment and/or clear removal of that service.

    An usher asking someone to leave in a forceful measure might find themselves the but of numerous harsh words (and actions like lobbing of jaffas at ushers head ~oops~) by other patrons trying to enjoy the service they have paid for. Then if they try to lay hands on that person.. Well “Citizens” arrest on suspicion only is a big NO NO .. they are liable to get themselves in hot water via an assault charge.

    Is $200 an adequate payment for this? Are they being told about any legal ramifications that may come about to themselves personally? Have they been informed that Police have full discretionary powers and most Constables will be quite unwilling to charge anyone with an offense (if it is an offense under Crimes Act’s) for filming a movie, and will more than likely listen more to an act of alleged assault/harassment against the usher/staff?

    Then we get to the many and varied problems that there are from using NVG’s (Night Vision Goggles) within a darkened room without permission (or even with) . Privacy is a big problem.. Could they be used for nefarious means? Could they have a recording device on them (this is not far fetched since that would be required for evidential even more worrying situation) that would film people up the back of the theater in compromising situations.. oops.. There goes that teenage ceremony!

    As for the forensic markers on Films.. They are mostly hashmarks and/or seeded unique alphanumerics that occur in credits etc. And as long as theaters take all “reasonable” steps to stop copyright infringement, they are not vicariously liable for any infringement. Reasonable steps does NOT include spying on patrons or breaching other acts like Privacy, Trade, etc to the benefit of the Copyright licensees.

    Well they are my thoughts anyway.

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