Fight Back with Page Style -> No Style

It seems almost every day someone somewhere comes up with another completely beautiful, but also completely unreadable, style for their web page (these usually involve at least one tiny font or poorly contrasting colour scheme).  The simply solution (if you are running FF) is View-> Page Style -> No Style and you will be returned to pre-page-style-Internet Bliss.  How pleasant to have black writing on a white background and a decent size font.

Now I need to remember to put a request in to add this as a button to the FF toolbar…

PS: this, and print selection also allows to print some pages which otherwise don’t print properly

PPS: for printing problems (style prevents proper printing of the page) try also FF print to file – pdf, then print the pdf.


2 Responses to “Fight Back with Page Style -> No Style”

  1. 1 craig 23 November 2008 at 10:01 am

    you may also be interested in the NoSquint and Stylish plugins.

    NoSquint lets you set zoom levels per site.

    Stylish lets you create css fragments that override style sheets of particular sites. e.g. one of the things i use it for is to override fixed-width column layouts in wordpress themes to make them floating width, so the site uses more than just a narrow column in the middle of a huge wide-screen window. Excellent when used with the Firebug and Web Developer plugins. Stylish lets you save style mods locally and share them via the web site.

  2. 2 craig 23 November 2008 at 10:04 am

    oh, and as for a toolbar button you wanted, there’s another plugin called “Style Sheet Chooser II” that does exactly that. lets you have a button on the toolbar and/or status bar.

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