EY Use Closed Media to Tout Szulik Award

Ernst and Young have awarded the US Entrepreneur of the Year Award to Matthew Szulik of Red Hat fame.  They then podcast his acceptance speech using Windows Media Player or Real Player video – formats which by default cannot be played on free systems (I don’t have a current version of Red Hat installed to verify, but I assume this should mean Red Hat).  I can’t get the video to play, so I’m assuming they’re using a closed codec, but would be happy be corrected.

Aside: Given that they tout Szulik and open source in their award, their “Thought Center” seems not to have put much thought into the future:

“Note: the webcast technology is not compatible with the browser you are using [ie FF3 on Linux]. Use Internet Explorer version 5 or later.”


I wonder whether anyone at E&Y has any sense of irony.


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