Spot the Spello at SMH

Ever since Fairfax press decided to lay off workers a month or two ago every edition of the SMH has been a game of spot the spello (despite what they said about not affecting standards).   I wonder where today’s will be.

Today’s (14/11) is here:

Watchmaker uses spare parts from space

“which range in price from around $A9004 to $A643,000 francs.”

17/11 @9:30: Half of home page is in italics (fixed by midday)

10/12 @9ish: “School building deliberatley set on fire” ( updated at 14:30 to “School building deliberatley set on fire: police”

16/1/09 @13:30ish: ” 29-year-old “quiet” teaching assistant Katrina Woods , 29,…”


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