eeePC – Good Warranty Service from Asus


Fast and efficient warranty service from Asus on Linux eeepc with keyboard problem.


My eeePC developed a problem with the left shift key and the number 2/@ key.  I rang the retailer on Thursday 9 October  around 4:30 pm.  They said I could drop it back to them, but better to call Asus direct… but they couldn’t give me the contact details <sigh>.  I called Asus around 5pm that day.  They asked me if I could drop the eeepc into them (at their service centre at woop woop).  I said that might be a little difficult so they said they’d get a courier to pick it up.

The courier company phoned me around 1:30 on Friday 10/10 to arrange a pickup.  I boxed it up quickly and the courier came later that day (around 4:30??).   On Tuesday 14/10 Asus support called and said they’d replaced the keyboard and would courier it back to me, to arrive Wed/Thurs. I told them not to deliver till Wed afternoon.  When it hadn’t arrived on Friday I called them up (around 2:30 pm) and stayed on the phone while they checked it out.   They said it had been held up for some reason (DHL tracking indicated that it was picked up on 15/10 at 16:16 – so they probably deliberately held it back till then) and that I should call DHL with the tracking number.

So I called DHL three times.  On the first two times they said they’d had problems with deliveries in Sydney on Thursday and everything was therefore running late on Friday.  On the third time (around 4:30 on 17/10) I was able to talk to someone to find out the problem with my package – the street name had been spelled incorrectly.  So I gave them the correct spelling and they said they’d arrange for delivery on Monday 20/10 (today).

It has just arrived (boxed up in my original packaging, including the scrunched up paper I used for padding.  I guess I should give them marks for being environmentally friendly?  I’ve turned it on and done a small bit of typing and everything seems to work ok.

So, apart from the addressing error* this was a fast and efficient warranty service.  Thanks Asus.  Had I not told them to hold it, I probably would have had it Wed/Thurs.  Or, if I had followed it up on Thursday, I probably would have received it back on Friday.

* Inherited from my first problem report (copy included with the warranty return), where the operator apparently didn’t write it down properly – I do remember spelling out all the letters.


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  1. 1 Bill Bartmann 10 September 2009 at 1:49 am

    This site rocks!

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