Annoying Wiki Registration Requirements

The current wiki for iTalc – a really interesting looking (I haven’t installed/used it yet) piece of software for managing student workstations – says to see the INSTALL file in the source tarball if you want post-install set up instructions on Linux.  Since you’re supposed to be able to download precompiled binaries for several packages I thought that it would be better if these contents (which describe how to set up iTalc post-install)  were replicated to the wiki.   So I tried to edit the page – only you have to have an account to do that.  So I try to create an account quickly.  I don’t include my email address (since it says on the create account page that it’s optional).  But it doesn’t allow me to edit unless my email is confirmed.  So, back to the preferences page to have an email confirm sent to me.

It says it’s sent the confirmation email… but it still (having typed this post) hasn’t arrived at this end.

So, what should have been a 5 minute edit has turned into a 15 minute struggle just to set up an account.  Now I’m giving up.

Surely a small project like this isn’t being bombarded with so much spam/false edits that it can’t have an easier editing process for small changes?


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